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They say there are five "W's" or "Five W's Chart"!

Then, I am explaining to you my five  "W's".

Who?    - Me, Ari or Arian. I live in Ithaca, Greece but I came here from Albania. That mean, for what I love to do, I know very well life, storys, places and locals in  both of two countries!

What?   - Walks in nature. I love nature and who don't like it?! Love for walking in the paths of nature and life, discovering, learning out stories, visiting places, knowing peoples, testing different citchens.

Where?   - In Ithaca and in Kefalonia in Greece and in Albania.

Why?    -  Loving, respecting  nature and knowing new peoples and respecting their culture and their tradits, make us better! In the end of all, why? Because - We can!

When? - 30 April - 15 June in  Greece

              15 June - 15 July Albania

                5 Spetember - 15 October in both of two countriess depended from requests and partecipations number. 


In the main page , you can find easy my email. 

So, don't hesitate, contact me!