Valbona valley


Valbona valley

Valbona valley, also called the “Albanian miracle of Alps”, is a part of Albanian Alps. Designated in 1996, the park covers 8,000 hectares including the Valbona Valley and the Valbona River and lies between high and craggy peaks bordering on Thethi national park.  It is a transboundary park (Albania/Montenegro) with the highest biodiversity value of the country’s mountain mainland. This park is also referred to as the Gem of Albania. Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro are planning to create another tri-state park in the area, that will be called the Balkan peace park. Four villages are located within the park (Dragobi, Valbona, Cerem and Rragam) with 852 inhabitants. All of these factors create more favorable conditions for coexistence and socioeconomical development, including Valbona National Park. Clean air, high and characteristic mountain peaks, lakes, numerous water resources, forests, mountains, flora and fauna provide conditions for profitable eco tourism. 


Valbona valley national park


Froma valbona valley to Thethi, the day of group transfert and the transport of all bagages is organised by the horses



Serjan Hysaj, the little bo who guide peoples from Valbona to the top of Rosi mountain


Hotel Margjekaj  

Nor Hysaj, playing “Çifteli” the north albanian tradional musical instrument